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Life Happens is a weekly radio program from Pierro, Connor and Strauss LLC for baby boomers and their families, addressing the challenges we all face as we age. We talk about aging as a lifestyle, issues that must be confronted, and the careful planning that’s required to avoid crises in the future.

Our vast library of podcasts is hosted by attorneys Lou Pierro, Aaron Connor, and Peter Strauss of Pierro, Connor & Strauss.

Love, Marriage and Divorce – How Does It Impact Your Estate Plan?

Passing Away Without a Plan: Lessons Learned from Celebrities Copy

Passing Away Without a Plan: Lessons Learned from Celebrities

Case Study: “Cameras, Sensors and My Mother’s Safety”

Caring for Parents Without Going Broke

Estate Planning Checklist: Are You At Risk In Retirement?

Family Feuds: How to Avoid Them or Prevail in Court

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Estate Planning

What Could Go Wrong?

Special Needs and Special Education for Your Loved One With a Disability

Legislative Session Outcomes That Matter to Seniors

My Home, My Castle: Tools and Techniques for Aging in Place

Declaring our Independence – the Words of our Founders Brought to Life

When Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

Why Small Businesses Need an Estate Plan

Eight Things to Do Before You Pass

Case Study: How to Achieve The Dream of Aging at Home

Thank You For Your Service: Planning for Veterans

Leaving a Legacy: How To Keep the Peace When You’re Gone

Are You Taking Advantage of All that NYS Offers Seniors?

Medicare and Medicaid: Can They Keep Pace with Advancements in Care?

Fair Hearings: Fair to Whom?

It’s Never Too Late to Plan for Long Term Care

Using a Roth IRA as an Estate Planning Tool

Take Control of Your Health Care Planning

Estate Planning: Don’t Set It and Forget It

The Executor’s Job: What It Takes to Do It Right

A Real Life Example

Getting Down to Business: Planning to Maximize Success and Reduce Risk

Test Your Knowledge: How to Afford and Qualify for Long-Term Care

Anatomy of a Meeting: Getting the Most Out Of Your First Estate Planning Conversation

Expanding Medicaid Eligibility and the Potential Changes Under Gov. Hochul’s Budget Proposal

Transferring Assets to Your Heirs: Hidden Traps and How to Avoid Them

Home Health Care in Crisis – Is Help On the Way? Where You Can Find Help Today and New York’s Plans for a Better Tomorrow

Who Will Speak For You When You Can’t?

Medicaid Math for 2022

Assemblymember John T. McDonald III: Insights into the 2022 NYS Legislative Session

What To Do in ’22: Be Prepared for Anything Life Throws Your Way

Our Gift to You: The Worry-Free Giving Guide!

Dinner Conversations at the Holidays: Do I Need an Estate Planning or Elder Law Attorney?

Why You May Need a Trust in Addition to a Power of Attorney

Special Guest Hugh Johnson on Life Happens Radio

Are You Planning to Grow Old? If You Are, What Is Your Plan?

Have A Business? Thinking of Starting One? Take These Essential Steps.

Retiring with a Pension? Social Security? 401(k)? We’ve Got You Covered

Medicaid Planning with Half a Loaf Strategies

How to Avoid Leaving Your Family a Legal Mess

Medicaid and Medicare Update: Critical Changes Ahead

Alzheimer’s Update with Special Guest Beth Boivin

Get It Done in ’21: 4th Quarter Countdown

Are You Taking Advantage of What NYS Offers Older Americans?

All You Need to Know During Life Insurance Awareness Month

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets: Strategies to Implement and Mistakes to Avoid

We Ask. You Answer! Test Your Knowledge on Estate & Long Term Care Planning

How Will You Celebrate Your 99th Birthday? – with Special Guest Keith Algozzine

“Protecting Your Home and Vacation Home”

How to Avoid – and Settle – Family Feuds

Using Estate Planning to Prepare for Medicaid

“Estate Planning in the New Normal”

“Decisions, Decisions…Who Will Make Them When You Can’t?”

A Conversation with Benita Zahn: Health Reporting and Beyond

Anatomy of a Medicaid Application: The Impact of Dramatic New Rules

The State of Business in the COVID and Post-COVID Era

Changes and Opportunities for Caregiving

Nursing Homes, Caregiver Challenges & Vaccines: AARP New York Director Beth Finkel

Britney Spears’ Guardianship and How It Relates to You

Make 2021 the Year You Get It Done. Here’s How.

Post Election Planning…and the Changes Ahead

Taming the Top 5 Fears About Aging – Don’t Get Spooked About Growing Older!

Declare Your Family’s Freedom through Proactive Planning

Legislative Session Wrap-Up and the Impact on You

Estate Planning, with Strings Attached

Avoid These Major Planning Mistakes

Planning to Honor Our Mothers

Insure Your Love

Insure Your Love

Changes and Opportunities for Caregiving

How Will Biden’s Plan Affect Yours?

Estate Planning Rapid Fire Q&A

Small Business Saturday and the Holidays: Tips for Personal and Business Planning

Medicaid and the Courts: Emerging Trends for 2021

Health Care during the Covid Crisis – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You!

Medicare and Medicaid: Critical Changes and Options Ahead

4th Quarter Planning: Time to Make Your Move

Alzheimer’s Update: Meeting the Challenges and Walking to End It!

The Most Common Trust Planning Questions – Answered!

Living Life to the Fullest: New Approaches to Special Needs Planning

Beat the Clock: Medicaid Rules are Changing!

Siena College President Chris Gibson on the State of Higher Education

LIAM is Coming! And Insurance Questions, Answered!

Lessons Learned from the Godfather of Soul

Exploring the Power of the MAPT in Light of Upcoming Changes

College and Coronavirus: Planning for the Future

Insurance in the COVID Age

Declaring our Independence – the Words of the Founding Fathers Brought to Life

Everything You Need to Know About Trust Planning in 60 Minutes

Annuity Awareness Month: Separating Fact from Fiction

Caring for Elders During the Pandemic and Beyond

Dividing Your Assets: Is Equal Always Fair?

Finding and Financing Care for a Loved One

Fighting Back: Long-Term Care Facilities and the Coronavirus

Changes You May Want to Make Now to Your Estate Plan

And the Beat Goes On: Estate Planning in the Virtual World

Health Care and the COVID-19 Crisis

Medicaid Cutbacks on the Horizon: What You Should Know

Care Coordination for the COVID-19 Crisis

Planning During a Pandemic

Staying out of the E.R. and the Coronavirus Risk

The Most Powerful Estate Planning Tool: Explained

AARP’s State Leader Talks Money, Rx Affordability and Caregiving for NY’s 50+

Medicaid Questions that Can Make or Break Your Benefits

Your Health Care: Who Will Decide When You Can’t?

Insure Your Love

Inheriting Real Estate and Other Assets? Consider Your Options!

Budget Gaps, Block Grants, and Your Balance Sheet: How Medicaid May Be Changing

Estate and Care Planning that Moves With You

We’ll Help You Build a SECURE Future!

NYS Assembly Member John McDonald: His Vision, Hopes, and Concerns for 2020

Change is in the Wind: Plan Now, Get Grandfathered In!

Don’t Be An [Insurance] Grinch: End of Year Insurance Planning Ideas

Family Feuds Around the Holidays and How to Avoid Them

Smart Business Planning on Small Business Saturday

Planning Strategies You Don’t Get on HBO’s “Succession”

Let’s Talk Turkey

Long-Term Care Awareness Month: All You Need to Know

Get Proactive, Instead of Reactive, with Long-Term Care

Don’t Get Tricked by the Internet When Doing Your Planning

Remember LIAM? A September Recap

College Admissions – Without the Scandal

Medicare v. Medicaid Planning: Know the Difference

Asking the Right Questions to Secure Your Family’s Future

Alzheimer’s Update: Planning For It and Walking to End It

Elder Care Advocates: Helping You Age Successfully

Know Your Rights: Health Care, Medicare, and Medicaid

Creating an Estate Plan: Why Now?

Demystifying Medicaid: Myths & Realities

Beating the Summertime [Insurance] Blues

Keeping It All In the Family

Tune Up Your Estate Plan: Questions and Answers

Innovate. Inspire. Retire!

Medicaid Mistakes: Know your Rights!

To Tell the Truth: The Truth About Annuities

Transferring Assets the Right Way: Tax, Medicaid, and Practical Implications

Things About Income Replacement Planning Mom Never Told Me

The Timeline of Estate Planning and Why It Matters

Solo Seniors: Planning for the Future

Don’t Put All of Your [Insurance] Eggs in One Basket

Secrets to IRA Planning

Estate Planning to Keep You Out of Court

Anatomy of a Medicaid Application: How it Really Works

Your Estate Planning Crisis Checklist

Caregiver Concerns & Challenges: An Open Discussion

Using Trusts to Protect Your Assets: Is It Right for You?

2019 Medicaid Update: How It Could Impact You

Optimize Value and Reduce Risk: An Estate Planning Road Map

Double Down on Your Planning

[Insurance] Resolutions for the New Year – 2019 Edition

Coping with Care Crises: A New Year’s Guide

Life Happens…..Are You Prepared?

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