Legally Speaking – Wills vs. Trusts

If you want your wishes to be crystal clear upon your passing, then estate planning documents such as a Will or Trust are crucial to have in place. Which one is right for you? Or should you have both? How can you make sure your property will go to the heirs you choose, without legal challenge or excessive delays?

Legally Speaking – Wills & Estate Planning

Whether you are new to estate planning or thinking ahead to retirement, this video will detail how you can protect your assets and secure a legacy for your family. Hosted in February 2022 by The Legal Project and by Capital Area Multi-Agency Employee Assistance Program, attorneys Lou Pierro and Aaron Connor.

Trust Administration Workshop

2022 is expected to bring changes to estate and tax policy, Medicaid and more. If you have a trust or are thinking about creating one, it is important to anticipate what’s ahead so you can maximize wealth, minimize tax and achieve all of the goals for your trust.

Estate Planning Update 2022

As we head into 2022, what planning should you be doing to protect yourself and your family, to minimize taxes and to preserve assets? Join Lou Pierro for an educational program presented by CMH Foundation.

The “Core Four” Estate Planning Documents

In 30 minutes Lou Pierro and Peter J. Strauss explain how you can button up the basics of your estate plan with a Will, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Disposition of Remains Appointment.

Trusts: The Swiss Army Knife of Estate Planning

Just like the knife with its many compartments and portability, trusts offer complex options all in one place with razor sharp precision customizable to your needs.

Advanced Estate Planning: Protect Your Income and Estate While Minimizing Tax

In this presentation brought to you by Pierro, Connor & Strauss and the CMH Foundation, Lou Pierro covers some advanced estate planning strategies to help preserve your assets.


SECURE Act Changes And What it Means For Your Estate & Retirement Plan