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The Business Planning team at Pierro, Connor & Strauss would like to inform you about the recent enactment of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and its implications for business entities. The CTA, which went into effect on January 1, 2024, is a significant development aimed at enhancing corporate transparency and preventing illicit financial activities.

We see family disagreements over heirlooms on an almost daily basis.  Tangible personal property – regardless of value — is what families tend to fight over most often because each item has sentimental value.  The feuds happen during lifetime if, for instance, grandma gives a ring to one of her granddaughters and the others get miffed. Most often, though, conflicts erupt after a death when nothing has been written into the will or estate with instructions about “who gets what.”

Pierro, Connor & Strauss, LLC is proud to have nine attorneys recognized in the 2024 editions of The Best Lawyers in America® and the Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch® in America. Four of the attorneys are being honored for the first time.

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As we age, we may lose the ability to make our own medical treatment decisions because of lack of capacity. It is critical to have in place the legal documents that designate a trusted person to speak for us to make health care decisions.

It’s no secret that school districts have attorneys – and they are trained in the process of special education law. Generally, the school district has more resources than parents. Parents are usually the “underdog.” Here are ten top tips to ensure your child gets the education they need.

When considering estate planning, it’s helpful to look at the big picture, sometimes known as the “30,000 foot view.” The key to meeting your goals is and then making it real with steps you can take right now.

2022 was a tumultuous year. Amid a continuing pandemic, tense midterm elections, and a war in Ukraine, we have grappled with more than our fair share of grim news. However, with 2023 in motion, there are some silver linings — in particular for seniors.

Although inflation is generally nothing to be pleased about, the IRS recently announced inflation-adjusted changes to the annual gift tax annual and estate tax exclusions for 2023. If you are considering wealth transfer tax planning, these are welcome increases.