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Three Estate Planning Options for Your Art Collection

Collecting art or other valuable items can be a passion for many people. Sometimes the passion is about investments because the art world has enjoyed enormous appreciation over the last few years. But more often it’s about enjoying the art or the medium itself than about ensuring financial gain. However, once you have accumulated a sizable collection, what do you want to happen to it after your death?


Medicaid Changes: New Home Care Rules to Limit Eligibility

The care available to New York’s most vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities is facing draconian changes, with new rules announced by the Department of Health that will limit eligibility and access for new Medicaid applicants.
The rule changes, effective November 8, 2021, will present significant new challenges to seniors and people with disabilities, transforming New York’s Medicaid home care benefits from the most generous in the nation to a more restrictive program.