Navigating the complex systems of health and long-term care requires expertise and advocacy from trained professionals.

If you are:

  • a caregiver,

  • creating a plan to age in-place and receive care in your home,

  • dealing with a health care crisis or hospitalization, or

  • transitioning from your home to another living arrangement

The skills of a trained care coordinator will help you solve the difficult issues that seniors and their families face.

“We promised Mom she wouldn’t have to move to a nursing home. It was such a relief to make one phone call and be able to keep that promise.”


Pierro, Connor & Strauss works closely with the Life Care Coordinators at EverHome Care Advisors to access these services:

  • comprehensive assessment of the home,
  • creation of personalized care plans,
  • guidance in navigating care options,
  • choosing and securing quality care, and
  • ongoing care advocacy

EverHome Care Coordinators are members of the Aging Life Care Association™. They are focused on helping families age in place with independence, dignity and quality care while relieving caregiver stress.

Power of VivaLynx Technology

Our social workers are equipped with the most advanced support system in the industry powered by VivaLynx, which integrates cutting-edge technology into the home. Through the VivaLynx app, your care coordinators and family caregivers will receive real-time data and crisis alerts that can be shared with healthcare providers, allowing unparalleled care and improved results. VivaLynx partners with leading home care technology providers to make aging in place safe, manageable and affordable.