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WGY Ask the Expert: Lou Pierro



Each week iHeartMedia radio station, WGY, invites local experts to share their knowledge on a range of topics. Recently, they invited attorney Lou Pierro to share his biggest tips on Estate Planning. Listen below!

#13- Plan now so your kids won't have to

#12- Do I need to spend down my assets to get Medicaid?

#11- What’s the difference between a Revocable and Irrevocable Trust?

#10- How to Protect Your Assets if Your Kids Get Divorced

#9- What is a Health Care Proxy and why do you need one?

#8- If Medicaid is on the federal chopping block, What Should You Do?

#7- What is a power of attorney? 

#6- Living longer and staying Independent – a New Year’s Resolution

#5- Wills or Trusts – What’s Right For You?

#4- Year End Tax Planning – Beat the New Law

#3- Basic Docs Needed for an Estate Plan

#2- Plan for When Health Starts to Fail 

#1- Crucial Conversations at the Holidays

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