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Long-Term Care Insurance – Serving Many Communities Including Albany and New York City

Long-Term Care Insurance has little to do with the premiums you pay, and everything to do with the benefits you receive. Before buying a policy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where would I receive care if I have a chronic illness?

  • Who would I want to provide those services?

  • What services are available in my community?

  • How much does it cost where I live for home care, assisted living or nursing home care?

  • What extra income or assets will I have to pay for care?

  • How will I cover the shortfall between my available income and the expenses of long-term care?

Once you have answered each of those questions, you are ready to begin shopping for the appropriate policy.

The decision to buy long-term care insurance must be done as part of your financial and estate plan. Reach out to us at Pierro, Connor & Strauss, LLC where we serve people from Albany, New York City, and many other parts of the state.